Daniel van den Broeke 


One day in the eighties I promised myself that I would never stop playing. I was probably 8 years old then, but ever since I kept my word. Although I allow myself to think that my shows have become a little bit more profound over the years, playing is still a very important factor in my work. I tend to look at this world from a fantastic and playful perspective, often focusing on the brighter sides of heavy subjects. I graduated as a theater maker (HKU, 2002) but always involved myself in many different trades. Film and music production, performance art, kids shows, art events and DJ-ing have been prominent alongside my theater work. Since a few years I've been specialising in headphone theatrical shows, working for festivals, schools and universities. These so called edutainment shows plays touch many senses at the same time and make knowledge more tangible and accessible. Another important part of my artistic universe is The Performance BarThis boundary breaking bar concept has become a successful international touring enterprise and even found a home base at WORM, Rotterdam where it is open every Friday and Saturday. If you have any questions about my work, want to collaborate or just want to say hi please sent me a small message or chat with me in the chatbox on the right.