Kasplantjes  2014
​Welcome in the Comlpanto 3.1
A machine that translates plant language into Dutch!

Direction: Daniel van den Broeke.

Greenhouse: Joost Goudriaan

Voices: Djuna Couveuze, Julia Timmerman, Anna Keuning, Alix Rübsaam, Annebel Overbeeke, Marjolein Van Panhuys, Eva Heijnen, Merel Simons, Kay Krijnen, Rinus Krul, Rixt Leddy, Gino van Weenen, Florian Borstlap, Sjaak Hartog en Steven Ivo.



​Kids and their parents become spies in a headphone adventure 


Actor: Daniel van den Broeke


assistance by: Cynthia Kielestein

Costume by Romy van Eijk



Piratata  2013
​Father and daughter created a theatre play together. In Piratata they hunt for a treasure together with the audience, using Silent Disco technology.


Actors: Zenna van den Broeke, Daniel van den Broeke



De Verhalensupermarkt 2012


The audience becomes a supermarket product and expreriences the life on a shelve.


Concept: Wim Staessens

Direction: Daniel van den Broeke

Voices: Eva van Welzenis, Zenna van den Broeke, Anna van den Brink, Olaf van der Hee, Aafke Kloppenburg, Daniel van den Broeke.

Produced in co-operation with Staessens&Co.



Bello and the Beast  2011
​Annemarie van der Veens self made musical show. 


Actors: Margo van de Linde, Daniel van den Broeke



Katapulta 2009


Traveling to his bride in the Balkan, Sҫhrôt and Jorga encounter al kinds of crazy adventures. 


Actors: Erik van Welzen, Daniel van den Broeke

Director: Daniel van den Broeke

Dramaturgy: Lydia van Veen



Lost & Found 2008


Two Lost & Found clerks become lost trying to get their kicks out of every object that comes through the hatch. An absurd comedy about the longing for drama when life is rather boring.


Actors: Erik van Welzen,Daniel van den Broeke

Director: Daniel van den Broeke

Scenography: Simone van der Geld i.c.w Dirk Overduin



Lieve Buren 2007


Punch is trying to contact his new neighbours but they're all to busy telling their own stories. A musical puppet comedy iin five box theatre's on wheels.


Actors: Femke Krist, Eva van Welzenis, Bob Peerlings. Daniel van den Broeke. Director: Daniel van den Broeke

Scenography : Laura de Jong

scenography assistance: Tjitske Hemkes

Construction puppet theatre: Guido Pollemans

Dramaturgy: Lydia van Veen

Tiger in the Woods 2006


A family day out on a mini-golf court becomes a big adventure when unconscious dreams start to materialize out of the woods. A darkish, happy, and very physical midsummer mini-golf dream.


Actors: Erik van Welzen, Eva van Welzenis, Collin van den Broek, Klaas Postmus, Femke Belmer, Sanne Zweije en Douwe Flameling

Director: Daniel van den Broeke

Dramaturgy: Lydia van Veen

Scenography: Maurice Meewisse, Gwen van Zaane and Jordy Walker

Music: Bart Hoevenaars





In Daan's acting school years he formed a collective called Drie Naakte Mannen (Three Naked Men). They created mobile theatre plays and toured the country with three wheel cars.