There is an invisible warrior inside all of us who is always willing to protect and fight with all necessary means. But at what price? Do we need that warrior to keep us safe, or should we lower the shields to enter a stage of true warriorship? Its time to enter that arena, a small space where the inner fights the outer and something vulnerable is at stake.


Language: English

approx 30 min



Arena construction: Joost Goudriaan

Arena curtain: Studio Rios Zertuche

Puppet: Tjitske Hemkes

Special thanks to: Ingeborg Bosch




June 2/3/4 The Performance Bar

10/18 June Oerol Festival

june 29 / july 3 Parade Rotterdam

July 8  /12  Parade Den Haag

July 22/30 Parade Utrecht

Aug 12 / 22 Parade Amsterdam