• Daan Draait

Welcome To The Village

The Performance Bar is waking from it's summer sleep to rock the north of the Netherlands.

We have been invited to join Welcome To The Village. This is how they describe the festival,

"Welcome to The Village is the most experimental pop festival of the Northern Netherlands. From 19 until 22 July we will be transforming De Groene Ster into a village where you can explore what the world will look like in 5, 15 or 50 years time. It's a green, spacious environment for you to roam the beach or have a nap in the woods, and where your friends will always be around. A place where big festival names will be performing, but also a place to discover emerging talent: from searing guitars to danceable world music and from hip-hop to singer-songwriters. This is not only a music festival though, it's also a festival of theater, innovation, art, dance, food and design." source: https://welcometothevillage.nl/en/about/

We will be bringing members our Performance Bar Family:

Florian Borstlap

Performance: Imke Zeinstra / Photo: Iris Bergman

Daan Draait

Suzanne Stavast

Maradia Borstlap

Lukas Karvelis

Margo van de Linde

Tizo All

Imke Zeinstra

Neon and the Deons

Jamila Faber

Check us out:


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